Guarantor Loans UK are an excellent way to borrow money if used correctly.

The purpose of this website is to give you the details of how guarantor loans work and also which UK Lender is the best one to apply through.

Choice of Guarantor Loans UK Lenders

There are a growing number of guarantor loan lenders appearing on the UK lending market and each have their own pros and cons.

We have a number of pages describing each UK guarantor lender, so as you can read up on each one to get a background on each.

Guarantor loans application

As of today, we would recommend applying through one of the leading lenders for guarantor loans in the UK, by clicking on the loan links on this page.

These links are updated every day to ensure you get the latest deals available.

Guarantor Loans UK cash notes in hand
Guarantor Loans UK

UK guarantor loan lenders

Please have a look at the other guarantor loans UK lenders on this website as well, to see what else they offer.

Some guarantor lenders will only lend up to £5,000, but TrustTwo let you borrow up to £7,500.

Some guarantor lenders will only allow you to use guarantors that are home owners, whereas other lenders just need someone that you know who has a good credit history and are able to cover the monthly loan repayments in case you cannot.

With guarantor loans UK, it really does not matter how bad your credit history is or how low your credit score might be.

This is because the lender’s decision to lend you money is really based on the suitability of your chosen guarantor and not you to be honest.

If you take out a new guarantor loan using this website to apply and make all your monthly payments in full and on time, it could actually help your own credit standing for future credit agreements.

Have a click around and see if there is anything of interest to you.

Best Guarantor Loans UK – when someone has an excellent credit history, it is implied that one is deft at managing his or her finances.

It usually means that one has a steady income, doesn’t have any major impending debt and whatever loans one may have are being repaid timely.

The moment someone defaults on a single payment, or several, the credit score takes a hit.

That is where and when guarantor loans become relevant.

Unlike some other unsecured loans, guarantor loans in the UK are not just for applicants with bad credit.

Borrowers who have great credit histories can also opt for guarantor loans should they want to opt for a higher loan amount than what the lenders are willing to offer given the financial profile and ability to repay.

In a nutshell, guarantor loans are loans where a third party acts as the surety provider for the borrower and the lender is convinced that should the borrower fail to repay, the third party surety provider or guarantor would pay back the entire loan amount with interest.

Best Guarantor Loans UK
Best Guarantor Loans UK

The Best Guarantor Loans UK Available

There are many lenders offering guarantor loans, but you don’t need any random proposition.

You must find the best guarantor loans UK. That is where we come in.

We bring to you a plethora of lenders who would offer you an array of guarantor loans UK, right from a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

There are instances when borrowers opt for large loans, tens of thousands of pounds, using a guarantor.

The reason why we are an ideal source for such loans is because of two principal reasons.

First, we offer you several choices. When you intend to find the best guarantor loans UK, you cannot run out of choices.

You never know which lender will have a better proposition.

Lenders keep changing their rates of interest, the loan amounts they would be willing to offer, micro and macroeconomic scenario affect the kind of profiles that the lenders will entertain and various factors including credit score requirements keep getting reviewed from time to time.

The only way to find the best guarantor loans UK is if you have several choices and you can compare those propositions.

We bring to you all the available choices.

Second, we offer you every type of guarantor loans UK.

You may or may not be aware that guarantor loans can be secured and unsecured.

A guarantor can very well use his or her financial profile, ala income or an asset or just the credit score.

One can use a property as surety as well.

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